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Norwich Bulletin - 7/18/2004

Petco Helps The Homeless

Walking into our local PETCO to get our monthly supply of cat food and treats, I was greeted with a big smile by Kevin, the general manager. He had put Helping Paws name into the PETCO Foundation Spring a Pet 2004 fundraiser and was now presenting us with a very large and generous donation. I told Kevin he had no idea exactly how thankful we were since our vet bills were mounting and we had a list of people a mile long in need of our help.

PETCO customers, vendors and associates show a tremendous compassion for our less than fortunate homeless animals twice a year by holding these fundraisers and naming individual local organizations to receive part of the proceeds from their local PETCO store. Those that donate tend to be generous despite the rising costs of living and, as a matter of fact, increased 20% from last year!

The sales associates are diligent in their requests from patrons to purchase paper ornaments in different amounts, ranging from $1 to $20. These donations are collected for approximately five weeks and then split between two local organizations, with a small percentage going to the main PETCO Foundation for their catastrophic fund.

I cannot begin to tell you how much good PETCO does throughout the country for strays and animals in need of help. Animals across the country find medical care, new, permanent homes or the ability to live at a sanctuary as a result of these donations.

Since the PETCO Foundation was born in 199, this non-profit organization has raised more than seventeen (17) million dollars and helped more than 2,000 rescue organizations similar to Helping Paws through the United States. How many businesses can boast that type of caring and support for animal rescue?

Helping Paws credits PETCO in Waterford for much of the work we are able to do for the animals in our area. More adoptions are made through our adoption days at the store, more cats are altered, more vouchers for TEAM purchased for low income families and more feral cat colonies are maintained because of the money and support we receive from Kevin and all the wonderful people who work for the company.

Besides all of the good deeds PETCO does for organizations, it is also a company that the general public can trust for its every day pet needs! A leading retailer of premium pet food and supplies, the company has a commitment to quality animal care and education. PETCO offers different services within their stores, such as grooming, dog obedience classes and vet clinics where you can receive low cost vaccinations for your dogs and cats.

Each new employee goes through training to become counselors. Some of the employees have expertise in small animals, reptiles, fish, birds, dogs, cats and even horses! This enables the consumer to get good advice and help when deciding on a small animal pet. The staff is also there to insure the new pet owner knows how to take proper care of their purchase.

Starter kits, books, internet websites are all provided to insure the best possible life for the healthy little animal (fish, bird, snake) leaving their premises. You can also find out lots of information and get quality products through the internet by logging on to

We all know that Connecticut PETCO stores do not sell puppies or kittens and are instrumental in the increased volume of pet adoptions in our state. Besides having adoptions at the different store locations, PETCO also supports adoption through their Adoption Gift Book Program.

These great coupon books reward the adopter with over $170 in savings including free premium pet food and toys and savings on everything from a puppy's new crate to a kitty's new scratching post! All you have to do is bring in your adoption paperwork to your local PETCO store and you will receive your coupon book. Just one more way PETCO says thank you to the general public for adopting a new pet!

We at Helping Paws are so thankful for the wonderful, caring people who work for the PETCO Foundation, but we are especially grateful to Kevin and all our friends at the Waterford PETCO who never forget us!

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