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Norwich Bulletin - 8/29/2004

Pet Talk With Milo Knapp

Mom's on vacation and I told her not to worry about her column this week. I have been wanting to get my paws on the computer for quite awhile now, and I have finally succeeded!

For those of you who may not be fortunate enough to know who I am, my name is Milo, and I am the handsome, blue eyed white spokescat for Helping Paws. I have lived with Rene and Clint Knapp since I was ten days old. That was over nine years ago and since then I have been a television star, a theater star, a therapy cat and a frequent guest at many schools.

The West Hartford Park Street Playhouse named their yearly actor's award after me (because of my stellar performance as Piwacket in their production of Bell, Book and Candle) and every year Helping Paws awards a noble and good person the Milo Humanitarian Award. And that is what my column is about today.

There are an awful lot of good people in Connecticut that go out of their way for the animals. This year, on October 16, 2004, at Aleia's Restaurant in Old Saybrook, at our annual silent auction fundraiser, I get to give my favorite Meteorologist and animal advocate Scot Haney, my Milo Humanitarian Award.

Now, while I can almost understand if you don't know who I am, I can't imagine you not knowing all about Scot Haney. But just in case you don't own a television, here's the shortened version of a very full life.

Scot Haney is the weekday weather guy on Eyewitness News this Morning, Channel 3. He also hosts a Connecticut history segment on Fridays 5:30 Eyewitness News called "Every Town Has a Story." Scot is funny, warm, personable - but he is so much more than that. Scot Haney is responsible for placing large numbers of homeless animals with new families every year.

He is a hero among the helpless four legged creatures that end up in shelters and pounds throughout the state. He helped my mom out quite a few times when she and her volunteers did a large rescue of fifty or more cats from neglect and abuse situations. He has had many organizations on his morning show to feature a special animal or plead the case of a hard to place dog or cat and he freely gives up a lot of his free time to go the extra step that is sometimes needed to assure an animal gets a second chance.

Scot doesn't stop at helping animals either. He is often seen at community events such as the Hartford Stage auction or the American Heart Association fund-raisers. If the charity helps people, children or animals, Scot is right there, helping out at all kinds of events. It's part of Scot's life to do good - and he certainly is successful at that.

Especially pleasing to me, since I am of the feline persuasion, is the fact that Scot's two best friends are Billy and Sara - his two very lucky cats! Recently on David Letterman, Scot chose to show a picture of his two pets for the Letterman show and tell. That really meant a lot to me because of everything Scot Haney has, he holds his two kitty pals most dear. In my opinion, there is no person more worthy of my award, than Scot Haney.

Many people have gone into making this upcoming event successful. There have been generous donations made for the auction by Bob's Discount Furniture, Baribault Jewelers, Old Lyme Inn, The Glass Basket, Reynold's Garage and Marine, John Gagnon's the Dog House, Ski Sundown, and Chester Airport, just to name a few. And the catnip treat for all, of course, is the trip for two out to Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, with a stay in Las Vegas and Zion National Park!!

With wine tasting, courtesy of Banana Dog Distributors, music by Al Laporte, and emcee John Campeau, Jr (Channel 8's Money Man), this event promises to be entertaining and a way to make money to help all my less fortunate feline friends.

The tickets are only $30 and can be purchased ahead of time by calling 860-434-4328 or going on line to and emailing us. Don't wait if you want to come because occupancy is limited to 250. Come help me honor Scot Haney for his immense contribution to animal welfare and spend some money for the cause!

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