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Norwich Bulletin - 4/3/2005

May Spay Campaign

The Animal Welfare Federation is a group of concerned rescue organizations throughout the state of Connecticut, who are trying to work together to make a difference for the animals in our State. There is strength in numbers and so, by finding groups willing to work with each other, and accept each other's differences, we can accomplish so much more. Helping Paws is proud to be part of this Federation and we are about to make a difference to cats and their humans who find themselves in financial need.

The Federation is about to host its first ever, May Spay. The different organizations have approached vets throughout the state to organize a low cost spay/neuter program for seniors and lower income families who do not have the resources to lay out the initial cost of veterinary care for their pet cat or the friendly stray they have been feeding. We have had a tremendous degree of success in our endeavor and all we need now are the cats and people who need our help.

Helping Paws has 25 slots open at two different veterinary hospitals in the Norwich and Colchester area for the first week of May. The cost to the public to get their cat neutered or spayed and receive a rabies and distemper shot, as well as a Frontline flea treatment, will be $30 per cat. Helping Paws will pick up the rest of the bill. Because there are only 25 spaces, we must limit each person to no more than two cats.

The first step will be to call or email one of our volunteers, and once someone has been accepted for the program, a check in the amount of $30 will be sent to Helping Paws at P.O. Box 476, Colchester, CT 06415. As soon as the check is received, an appointment will be made at one of the vets and the person notified as to the date and veterinary hospital.

We cannot guarantee where the appointment will be as it is first come, first served. The dates are May 2, 3, 4, and 5, 2005. A few days before the scheduled appointment, a Helping Paws volunteer will meet you to deliver a Frontline flea treatment so that your pet will be flea free before going to the vet. This is important so that the cat is not suffering from any type of flea anemia.

While we do not want to have to set area limits to the May Spay campaign, because of where the vets are located, we are only accepting applications in the Colchester, Salem, Lebanon and Norwich areas. The person must be able to deliver the cat to the vet and pick the cat up on the designated date. The phone number to call for information is 860-434-4328 and the email address is If you or someone you know could benefit from this campaign, please share this information with them.

It is really important to note that this May Spay is for people who have an unaltered and unvaccinated pet or are willing to keep a friendly stray they have been taking care of. It is not for feral cats and it is not for people who just want to drop off cats and have an organization take them in. This program is for people who want to keep their cats but for whatever reason, cannot financially afford the expense of the first shots and spay.

Anyone who would like to help fund this effort can make their tax deductible donation to Helping Paws and specify that the money be used towards the May Spay. We are hoping to increase the number of cats every year throughout the state and really make a difference!

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