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Norwich Bulletin - 4/17/2005

Made In The USA

When I decided to buy a new car last year, I was determined to buy an American car in order to support our car industry. There were so many cars to choose from and I realized that there was an American car out there for just about any type of person looking for a particular model. That made me start thinking about the different breeds of dogs. How many were "made in the USA?" So this column is about some of the breeds that belong to the USA and the type of people who should own them.

The American Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a happy disposition and keen intelligence that makes the dog an excellent companion for people who do not want couch potato dogs. The Chessie needs to be kept busy as they have a high activity level. They are medium to large dogs (approximately 60 to 80 pounds) and they form very strong bonds with their human companions.

Using positive reinforcement training, they are easy to train. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever loves children and is a great family dog, as well as a hunting retriever. Their name is based from Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and to find out more you can log onto

How about the Alaskan Malamute - another hard working dog that comes from Western Alaska's Mahlemut tribe. These dogs are strong in body and in will and they excel in sledding, as well as other canine sports of strength. They are about 75 to 90 pounds of muscle and they have a moderate to high activity level.

They are definitely working dogs and need to be utilized as such or they will become bored. These dogs are not for everyone though as obedience training is a must. They will easily take charge if they are allowed to. They are fine with children who have been taught to respect their pets. Additional information about this breed is available by writing the Alaskan Malamute Club of America, 507 Fir Court, Independence, OR 97351.

The American Bulldog can range from 60 to 125 pounds! They came to be after World War II and descends from the American Pit Bulldog of Alabama. They have a high activity level and a hard working drive (these dogs have been used for hunting, catching livestock, killing vermin and guarding property) and they can be dominant. This breed needs an experienced dog owner. They are good with children, great with their families and they have a lot of heart. For more info you can contact the US American Bulldog Club, P.O. Box 915, Litchfield, Connecticut 06759 (yes, they are right here in our own state).

And don't forget there are little USA made dogs too! The Boston Terrier, a sociable little dog that is a perfect companion comes to us courtesy of a union between two Boston dogs, just after the Civil War. Within a few generations, the white breed emerged very close to what we know it as today. They are a small dog, 15 to 25 pounds with a moderate to high activity level. They are very intelligent and can be equally as stubborn. They are good with children and love to go wherever their people go. The Boston Terrier is an all around great family dog. You can learn more by logging on to

The Toy Fox Terrier is also an American breed - it is a dog with super intelligence that has entertained in circuses, worked on farms doing vermin control and been the perfect pet at home. They are adaptable, clever and very loving; all 3 to 8 pounds of them. Because they are a toy dog, small children should always be supervised around them as the dog can be hurt by a child who plays too rough. The Toy Fox Terrier needs an owner that is smarter than they are or they will just rule the house. They are both a lapdog and a working terrier - they offer so much in such a little package. For more information log on to

There are many other made in America breeds - the Austrailian Shepherd is actually an exclusive American breed - in fact, the ones you find in Australia are actually exports from the USA! The American Water Spaniel, the American Foxhound, the Black and Tan Coonhound and the Kentucky Walker Coonhound, are all American bred hunting dogs who good with kids, trainable and medium to large size breeds.

It seems that one of the traits the American dogs all have is that they are family dogs so the next time you are looking for a new puppy, check out the made in America breeds!

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