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Norwich Bulletin - 7/24/2005

The Boston Terrier

The eager, intelligent, social little dog in his formal, tuxedo coat, is probably one of the most perfect canine companions in the dog world! This big dog in a little body can and will do anything that the big dogs can do and, as an added bonus, will snuggle under the covers with you and not take up the whole darn bed!

The Boston Terrier is the first United States originated breed to be admitted to the American Kennel Club. This little dog comes from an English Bulldog and English Terrier cross. Mixed with Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, Boxer and American Pit Bull Terrier, it appears the Boston got the best of all the breeds. This dapper little dog became an all around favorite and gained AKC acceptance in 1893.

Nick named the American Gentleman, the Boston is always well presented and has perfect manners around children, older folks and other pets. However, one must keep in mind that if another dog directly challenges this little guy, the Boston will reply and not think twice about any size difference.

This canine companion is in the non sporting group and was bred to be exactly what he is - a companion to his humans. They want to be in on whatever it is that you are doing on any particular day. They will curl up on your lap for a night of television, chase a ball until you are too tired to continue to throw it or perform admirably in an agility trial. Whatever you decide you want to do, is just fine with them as long as they are by your side doing it too!

The Boston Terrier is also a nice sized dog - whether you are in an apartment or the country - weighing in at ten to twenty-five pounds. They have a general life span of nine to thirteen years and have high trainability with a moderate to high activity level, depending on the individual dog. The coat is a breeze to take care of - an occasional brushing and a nice wipe down with a camp cloth after playing hard.

But if the Boston Terrier needs little coat care, this dog does need constant mental stimulation. They are a breed that needs to continually learn new things. Owners of a Boston must know they have to make their dog one of their priorities. This sensitive little soul will think they did something wrong if they think they are being forgotten because of a life change, and can actually become quite withdrawn. So, if you choose this breed, you must be able to commit to having an extra participant in anything you and your family may plan to do.

There are some known health problems with the breed. Kneecaps that slip in and out of place, cataracts and a susceptibility to overheating and breathing trouble because of their shortened skull. But none of these possible problems would keep a healthy Boston from being an active, happy little dog.

Whether you are looking for a lap dog, therapy dog, agility dog or just a pal to go on walks with, you really cannot go wrong with a Boston. They weren't bred to hunt anything or to protect anything. They were bred to adapt to a human being and they do that exceptionally well!

To learn where the responsible breeders are, you can contact the Boston Terrier Club of America, or the Boston rescue group which is accessible through the above website.

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