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Norwich Bulletin - 10/2/2005

Talk To The Animals

Have you ever wanted to know what your rescue went through before it came into your life? The trials and tribulations due to neglect or abuse that makes your pet afraid of certain sounds or, perhaps, a concerning behavior?

I have several times spoken with animal intuitives about some of my rescues - and I have come out of the reading with more understanding of why there was a problem and how to solve it. In fact, much of my animal behavior counseling knowledge, has actually come from people who spend their lives talking to the animals!

On Sunday, October 9, 2005, at the Red Lotus Healing Center in Bozrah, I will be one of a group of people taking a class to help me even further in my quest to communicate and understand my own animals, as well as my rescues. Barbara Mariano, from Nevada City, California, will be in Connecticut, conducting a seven hour workshop to help you hear what your pets are trying to tell you.

Barbara has been communicating with animals telepathically her entire life, and has actively worked with hundreds of animals since 1997, aiding both owners and pets in their quests for understanding each other. Barbara has learned to listen from the regions of the heart and the animals, when troubled or in pain, are able to respond to her.

Barbara is a celebrity in her area of California where she has been featured on KVMR Radio, as well as hosting an animal show called, "Speaking of Animals." She teaches classes in her home state, including classes on animal intuition, chakra healing, and Reiki I, II and III. Barbara also offers private sessions that help promote healing energy and give inner guidance.

Barbara had a near death experience in 1979 that re opened her intuitive abilities from childhood and allowed her to expand on her natural gifts to relieve emotional trauma and other problems in her animal friends. With her background of holistic body energy balancing methods, Reiki treatments, human counseling and communication with hundreds of animals, Barbara is the perfect person to help someone find out what is wrong with their pet, or to receive communications from pets who have left us.

I am a student of Reiki, and for those who do not know what it is, Reiki is a therapeutic touch technique that can improve the health and vitality of both people and animals. While I tend to concentrate on the pain and suffering of my rescues, Reiki can be used to benefit humans, too.

Barbara has been teaching Reiki techniques for over twenty years and has helped countless animals to overcome behavior problems and illness. She is also adept at helping animals and people through the dying process, locating lost animals, as well as helping ferals regain their domesticity.

One of the best reasons to come to this workshop is to get the tools needed to help work with your pet to change behaviors. Barbara has a 21 day program that changes an old habit or creates a new one. It teaches us to hear what our cat or dog (or other animal) needs and helps understand the information our pet is trying to communicate to us. Barbara really is the bridge that opens up the communication between pet and owners.

The cost of the seminar is $75. You can get more information about the workshop by calling 860-887-5512 and you can get more information about Barbara by logging on to Also, look for an update next month as I write about what I and some of my other volunteers learn in our quest for communication with our pets and rescues.

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