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Norwich Bulletin - 1/1/2006

It's A Brand New Year

Another new year and time to make another resolution. In the past, some have been successful (I quit smoking fifteen years ago) and others, not so successful. After all, some of my favorite cats and I are still overweight. And then there’s the whole time and age thing. After 55 years, there are not too many resolutions I haven’t made and broke and remade and broke again. So what do I do this year?

I think we should all look at making monthly resolutions. After all, 30 days is a lot easier to commit to than 365. And I can have twelve totally different resolutions that will help animals and me too. For instance, there is no sense in my making a year long resolution to take my dog for daily walks.

Since I know I hate walking anyway, and there is absolutely no way I will venture outside in the cold months, I have chosen June for my month to give special attention to my dog Daisy, and take her for a walk every day after work. It’s just one month – and anyone can do anything for a month.

So what about January? That ones easy – I am not very good at grooming my long haired cats and January is a great time to stay indoors, so evenings in January belong to Aidan, Mouse and Myst. They will get brushed until their coats are perfect.

And since it’s the grooming month, everyone, short and long haired, will get their nails cut and ears cleaned (which is a normal monthly commitment) and – a bath (which is not)! This is a positive use of my time and will improve the health of all of my cats. My health may be a bit compromised however, because there will be more than a few scratches from certain family cats who will not agree that a bath is a good New Year’s Resolution for anyone.

I really do need to lose weight, and so does Milo, Merlot and Cupid. So February is the month I have to concentrate on better nutrition and some indoor exercise. I picked February for this resolution because it only has 28 days! For 28 days, I will refrain from fat foods for both my cats and myself – however, the exercise part of this resolution is for the cats only – I will do some interactive laser light play, which means they will be running and I will be sitting on the couch. But look, I have to be realistic in this whole plan or I will just set myself up for failure.

I want to do something special for cats who do not have the life my own cats have, so in the month of March, my resolution will be easy to keep. I will personally take a hard to place cat out of the Newington Humane Society each week of the month, and then place the cat through Helping Paws. Basically what that means is that I will use my own money to pay the Humane Society adoption fee, and once the cat is adopted, the Helping Paws adoption fee will go to the organization.

We have found that once the cats get to our organization, since there are less cats we are housing, and since we really get to know the cat, they become easier to place. So I will have the knowledge that I personally will be responsible for rehoming four cats. You may not think that is a lot, but it certainly will make a difference for those four cats, and free up four spaces at the shelter.

That leaves April and May to get through the first half of 2006. April will be the hardest resolution for me to keep. It is the beginning of kitten season and about the time people who no longer want their Christmas kittens start calling groups to take them. My resolution is to try and be nicer to the people that really make me angry when they call and ask me to take their personal pet or their deceased relative’s ten cats. These cats are not the responsibility of a rescue organization, but of the owner or the living relative. So, my resolution is to nicely explain that – thirty days of understanding (that’s going to be quite an undertaking).

May? I am going to fundraise the first part of the year to be able to spay a cat a day for the month of May (it rhymes, which is why I chose May for this resolution). The key to a successful rescue is to stop the births of unwanted kittens – the way to do that is to spay and nueter.

Okay, the first six months is covered and I am exhausted already just thinking about what I will be doing from January to June. July through December will have to take care of itself!

Happy New Year to all of my readers and their furry friends.

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