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Norwich Bulletin - 7/11/2006

Learning To Communicate

I was so excited to get a phone call from my friend Barbara Mariano, who is an animal communicator and Reiki Master out in California. She was here visiting last September and had spoken with my beloved Brutus shortly before he left us. I had been feeling as if Brutus was trying to contact me, but

I could not quite break through the barriers, and so Brutus contacted Barbara to communicate with me. It was such a wonderful experience to know for certain that I had done everything Brutus had hoped I would do. It helped me to know without a doubt that I had given Brutus the best life (and death) and I am so grateful to Barbara for being my go between.

Since that phone call I have convinced Barbara to once again come to the east coast and offer both classes and readings to the general public. She has agreed to do a weekend of Reiki instructional classes, come to our September cat show in Norwich and offer readings all weekend, and then teach a beginners and advanced animal communications class the weekend after the cat show (to be given at my home). This will make for a very exciting September.

In 1979 Barbara had a near death experience that left her suffering from nightmares and post traumatic stress syndrome. While searching for some type of inner peace, she was introduced to the ancient hands on healing art of Reiki. After her very first class, she began to feel the healing process enter her being.

Barbara became a Reiki Master and embraced many different types of healing processes including, flower essences, inner child therapy, color and crystal therapy and therapeutic touch. With her vast knowledge of the world of Reiki, she is able to individualize treatment during her Reiki sessions.

Besides her gift for Reiki, Barbara was clairvoyant as a child and had premonitions of accidents and deaths within her family and friends. But the best part was that she was able to experience what people and animals were feeling. At that time Barbara felt she was cursed but as she matured and realized that her grandmother had possessed the same gifts, she embraced her intuitive side and became a communicator.

While Barbara enjoys being the go between for people and their animals (and loved ones), she also believes that we all have the ability to communicate with our pets and possess healing powers, if we just allow ourselves the freedom of believing. And so she offers classes in which to open up minds and let the intuitiveness that we all possess have free reign in our psyche.

Her classes in Reiki encompass a gentle, yet powerful, hands on healing technique that is taught through a special attunement process, thereby creating an open channel for energy to flow through the Reiki healer to the receiver. Reiki heals by producing a deep, cleansing effect on the mind, body, emotions and spirit, cleansing the body of toxins and treating a variety of ailments. Barbara best describes Reiki as ďa warm shower on the inside.Ē

As to her animal communications classes, I can attest to how much it opens ones mind to accept that people do have the ability to understand what animals are trying to tell us. While I am not always able to directly understand or communicate, I now know when a rescue or one of my own cats is trying to tell me something. Sometimes I hear it, but there are times I have to look to a pro. Thatís why we have people like Barbara Mariano. Anyway, I will be taking the advanced course this fall to go the next step forward with my own gift.

September 16 and 17, 2006, Barbara will offer the Reiki weekend. It is a full weekend of classes and the cost is $150 and there is a 25 person limit. The international cat show is going to be held at the Economy Inn (soon to be Holiday Inn) on September 23 and 24. There will be more information to follow (the show is a Helping Paws fundraiser), and Barbara will be one of the main attractions.

And the following weekend, September 30th and October 1st, at the main Helping Paws home, there will be communications classes held each day. On Saturday there will be a beginnerís class and Sunday there will be an advanced class. There will be animals available for practice and the price is $75 a day Ė there is a 20 person maximum for each day of classes. To learn more about Barbara, her classes, and to sign up ahead of time, please log on to

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