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Norwich Bulletin - 9/3/2006

A Weekend Event

September marks a super event for both Norwich and Helping Paws. On September 23 and 24, 2006, Helping Paws will host a major fundraiser at the Economy Inn (the new Holiday Inn), right next to the Department of Motor Vehicles. A major cat show, sanctioned by The International Cat Association (TICA) will bring about 200 cats, purebred and domestic, from all over the country to compete for titles and end of the year, national and international wins.

Judges are being brought in from Seattle, Washington, to Portland, Maine. Exhibitors will be bringing rare, and not so rare, cats to compete in the five divisions of the show. There will be the Champion class, which consists of pedigree cats who are not altered, but used to better the breeds that they represent; the Alter class, which includes all spayed and neutered pedigree cats owned by people who do not want to be breeders, yet enjoy showing beautiful cats; the kitten class, which is everyone’s favorite – pedigree kittens of all different breeds; and the household pet and household pet kitten classes – domestic cats and kittens who must be altered by eight months of age and who compete for titles and points just like the pedigree cats.

There will be vendors to enjoy, who will have unusual goods for both cats and human lovers of cats, including such items as cat trees ranging from one to five feet, cat toys and teasers that are not normally found in stores, special shampoos and grooming products and all kinds of beds, large and small.

Then there will be offerings of Laurel Burch bags and totes, wind chimes, address books, dishes, jewelry, prints, clothes – and the list goes on an on, all with one thing in common: the cat theme. For those of you looking for the perfect one of a kind gift for your cat loving relative or friend (or for your favorite feline), you will find it at the show.

Helping Paws will also have a raffle every day that will include a chance to win some of the very items being sold, as well as other unusual cat products. The Connecticut Humane Society will have their van available on Sunday, for those of you who would like to bring a new cat friend into your home. And Milo, the Helping Paws’ spokescat, will make an appearance to announce the winner of this years’ Milo Humanitarian Award.

This is a great time for any cat lover. If you have never been to a cat show, please make a point of coming to this one. Besides enjoying the experience, you will be helping homeless cats as proceeds from the show (after expenses) will go to feline welfare, to be used to spay and neuter strays and cats owned by seniors and lower income families, as well as to help foster some of the homeless cats and find them new homes.

Because of the generosity of businesses such as Colchester Vet, Bobs, Mallon Chevrolet, Asselin & Connolly, Nutro and Mohegan Sun, many of the rings have been sponsored, which means more donations to charity. By having Businesses willing to sponsor much of the show, we are able to make all the hard work that it takes to put on a show of this magnitude, well worth it.

You can also bring pictures of your cats, dogs, or other pets, past or present, and have an appointment with animal communicator Barbara Mariano, who will be available both days for readings. Barbara is a rare gift to the animal world and if you are wondering what is on your pets’ mind, or why your pet does what it does, you now have a chance to find out. Barbara will be offering a show special, as well as taking private appointments in your home. Barbara is from California and only here for a short time, so take advantage while you can.

The cost of admission is $6.00 for adults, $3.00 for children under twelve and seniors. If you bring a can of cat food for the shelters, you will get $1.00 off an adult admission. The times for both Saturday and Sunday are 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. If you come on Saturday, you can even see me judging (I happen to be a Specialty judge for TICA)!

If you have a cat or kitten you would like to enter in the Household Pet part of the show, they must be registered before the show. You can do that by visiting and going to the show calendar, and finding the Norwich show. Please do not bring cats to the show that have not been entered beforehand. Hope to see you all there!

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