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Norwich Bulletin - 9/10/2006

What's New Norwich?

Lions and Toygers and Bears, oh my? Yes, I did say Toygers. The International Cat Associationís latest Advanced new Breed, the Toyger is what has become known as a designer cat. A cross between a Domestic Short Hair striped tabby and a standard Bengal tabby, the Toyger has been bred to resemble a mini Tiger. The best part about the Toyger is that even though it is glittered, pelted, tiger striped and wild looking, the Toyger is a completely domestic cat with a laid back easy going temperament and great adaptability.

After many years of hard work, the Toyger breeders have successfully copied the orange/tan background with dark stripes that makes the Tiger unique. The stripes are not uniform but more like long, random individual stripes. There is no spotting on the cat. The Toyger is breathtaking, and Helping Paws is excited to announce that the TICA cat show happening on September 23rd and 24th at the Holiday Inn in Norwich, will introduce the Toyger to New London County!

Come and visit the show and learn about this new companion cat. You will find that they are suitable for most households and even get on with children and other pets (for more information, log onto or Easily trainable and very intelligent, perhaps this is the right breed for you?

And how would you know if a Toyger is in your future? Well, for one thing, you could ask Barbara Mariano!!!

Seriously, one of our other offerings is the chance to have a reading with animal communicator and Reiki Master Barbara Mariano. She will be available both days and will be offering an exclusive show special for the weekend for anyone who has a question about their pet, past or present.

But thatís not all thatís happening in Norwich. The weekend before and the weekend after, you can delve into the world of animal communication yourself and take one of Barbaraís seminars. Whether you are interested in learning more about Reiki, the art of healing, or direct animal communication with your own pets, Barbara will be offering different seminars on September 16 and 17, as well as September 22 & 30. For more information and a chance to join one of these classes, you can call 860-887-5512. Classes are limited so it is a good idea to reserve your place ahead of time.

September is going to be a great month for any animal lover. A chance to see one of the newest breeds as it is evolving, and a chance to find out what your very own cat or dog (or bird or horse) is thinking. And please donít bring the animal with you to the show Ė a simple picture will suffice!

I myself canít wait for September. I am going to be at Barbaraís classes so I can continue to the next level of communication (I took the beginners class last year). And of course, the cat show is very important to me, not only as a fundraiser for Helping Paws, but because I am also one of TICAís newest judges and I will have the honor of being one of the judges on Saturday. Please come and join me at one or both gatherings!

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