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Norwich Bulletin - 7/1/2007

To Those Who Abandon Kittens

This is a Letter to the person or persons who are so callous and cruel as to be leaving kittens abandoned in crates in the middle of the night on the lawn of one of our Colchester Helping Paws volunteers. She was on vacation!

The children ran out of the van when they got back from their short trip and saw a crate – the youngest boy was the first to get there. He opened the crate and started to cry. There were once again kittens (for the third time in two weeks), covered with their own filth. Only this time, the volunteer had not been home and when the little boy opened the crate he discovered a kitten who had died.

Quickly taking the others out of the crate, it was still too late for a second baby who died almost immediately after being rescued. The others were very ill, severely dehydrated from having no food or water in the hot weather. These kittens had to be turned over to our Animal Control Officer. You see, even Rescue organizations who really care, have to say no when they are full.

Leaving these kittens in this yard did not save them. In fact, it certainly condemned two of them to a very painful death. PLEASE STOP. As much as we would like to, we cannot help you. With 34 kittens in our foster homes, we have neither the room nor the finances to take in one more cat. At this point, we must turn them over to authorities and we have no control over what happens to them once they leave us.

Karma dictates that what goes around comes around. Only cowards skulk around under cover of darkness dumping poor kittens on someone who is kind and caring? Do you know that if you were caught, that you can prosecuted? You have forced Helping Paws to actually finance video cameras in our volunteer’s yard so that we can identify and prosecute you.

Please know that you are not a humanitarian. In fact, you are as bad as the person who originally abandoned the poor mother cat to get pregnant and have these babies. Since there are so many and they are all the same color and most have extra toes, it is fairly obvious that they are coming from one area and the same person.

This problem would not occur if people would simply have vet bill for spaying, there is the mobile TEAM cat van that goes all over Connecticut, and for just $67 will spay her and give the distemper and the required rabies shots. Call 1-888-FOR-TEAM. In fact, Helping Paws would be glad to give you a voucher to get that cat spayed. You would then have a loving, healthier cat, and not one that has litter after litter, getting dragged down by constant breeding.

I wish Dear Reader that I could say this is an isolated example, but it is not. Every rescue group experiences such acts of horror. A friend just found a cat SEALED up in a Fed Ex box and dumped in front of a State Office Building. She saved the cat just in time and found it a wonderful home.

But oftentimes the results are not so positive and the cats you "save" by leaving them to become the responsibility of others, actually suffer a terrible death. I take care of my animals. In fact I take care of a lot of other people’s animals too. But I can’t take care of them all.

Eleven years ago, when I first started Helping Paws, a box of kittens was left in my yard when I was on vacation for a week. I still have nightmares…..

Please stop.

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