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Norwich Bulletin - 10/21/2007

Why to Go to a Pet Expo

It is about time to think about Christmas and who is going to get what. On your list of course, are your pets and this year there are several new things to consider adding to your holiday shopping list.

You can bring the outdoors inside with the squeaking grasshopper. While the toy may look like an average grasshopper, if your feline gives it the slightest touch, it will chirp and squeak so your kitty can enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

There are other new squeakies that have come out this years too, including a firefly and a bumblebee. The average selling price is $6.95 each. The Catnip Keg (for you beer drinkers) is a refillable catnip roll, also selling for $6.95.

The best scratching pad you will ever find is a number one selling item both on line and off. It is a Scratching Pad that allows your cat to follow its natural instinct to keep his claws nicely honed. It is made of durable corrugated cardboard and is sprinkled with catnip to tempt kitty. Manufactured by Cat Claws, Inc., it sells for only $6.75.

Killy Flicks – a brand new toy that I am going to get for my guys this year. They are springy long things that can go as high as fifteen feet in the air. They can be chased, rolled and bounced all over the house. It comes in a set of five cool colors, made by Kitty Flicks are only $2.95 a pack!

M.A.X. makes some really good sofa scratchers. They are a modern type of furniture that is part of their extreme scratcher line. For $21.95 you can get the blue whale sofa scratcher that is contoured especially to a cat. It’s flowing whale tail provides a wonderful sleeping area and there is lots of room in the big whale mouth to hide catnip toys and treats.

Measuring approximately 22”OL x 9 ½”W x 7 ¼”H, it’s a good buy. If you want the Orca Whale instead, you can actually personalize the sofa, choosing a name of message to be put on the scratcher. Just add $3.00 to the price and you get a maximum of 13 letters.

If you would rather be more conventional, there are wonderful pieces of cat furniture that you can match to any décor in any room. I have an end table that is entirely a scratching post for my cats. You can spend $25 or $250 – I have a six foot multi level piece of furniture that matches my end table!

And lets not forget the puppies! The Wubba toys are unique, fun and extremely durable. Naked Wubba is a new dog tug, chew and fetch toy, using the favorite Wubba design of ropes with two balls, and sells for $13.95. Water Wubbas, for your retrievers at the lake, sell for $14.95 and have long tails, making it easy to pick up and throw into the water. These come with a squeaker too.

Wee Wubba, at $9.95, is made for the smaller breeds, but offers the same durable fabric. Wubba Flyer ($11.95) and Tugga Wubba ($8.40) are for tug of wars and fetching. There are also the Zogoflex Huck toys. They are heavy weight and groove shaped and bounce in all directions – just $9.99.; There are an array of small and medium dog toys. Air Dog Jack is a high quality rugged dog toy made of tennis ball material with built in squeakers. It sells for $7.99.

Bouncible, at $8.99, is a hard rubber ball with six attached cone shapes that help it bounce unpredictably. Cosmic Cones have fun cone shapes to grab and a hollow center you can fill with treats ($7.99) and Good Cuz for Good Dogs, the squeaky, bouncing, walking ball is a bargain at $3.99.

And the newest, most bizarre dog toy being offered on the market this holiday season is the official “Vick’s” chew toy. Made in the image of Michael Vick, it is made of strong, durable plastic, for some good solid mauling. It sells at the designer price of $10.99 and at this time is only available for pre-order on line.

Where do you go to buy those cool new toys that come out every year for our pets or maybe those one of a kind gifts for our dog or cat crazy friends? THE PET EXPO, OF COURSE.

You can see pretty much all of the above toys, with lots of variations, plus special urns, headstones, portraits, teasers, clothing for both you and your pet, designer carriers and some pretty awesome jewelry. You can adopt a cat or dog (or ferret or bird) from the rescues and watch the police canine unit show off their stuff.

There is an international cat show on one side of the expo center and a rare dog show on the other side! October 27th and 28th at the Hartford Expo Center, courtesy of Osborne Jenks. For more info and to find out how to get $1.00 off your adult tickets, just log on to

I will be judging the TICA cat show on Saturday and manning the Helping Paws booth on Sunday so please be sure to stop by!

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