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Norwich Bulletin - 5/4/2008

Looking For Treasure?

Spring is here, and you all know what that means, right? No, not kittens – not fleas – but one of the other Rites of Spring – Yard Sales!

Since fund raising is a constant need with any rescue group and since adoption donations never cover the vet bills, we started to look at all the treasures we have collected. In fact, one of our volunteers has spent years going to auctions and gathering antiques, collectibles and all kinds of great items.

She has decided it was time to part with many of them to benefit Helping Paws. We decided to hold a huge Yard Sale and invite other rescue groups, both dog and cat, to bring items to sell to raise money for their bills. Relatives and friends have been sorting through things in attics and basements and have come up with lots of things you just won’t be able to live without.

A big yard sale is a great way to find something for yourself or that unusual, special gift for a loved one. Perhaps your mother loves antiques, or you might find that collectable that has been out of circulation for years – do you like to read but not like to pay the price of books today? Perhaps you are having a baby and realize that clothes last about a month before they are outgrown, or your college age child needs pots and pans and curtains for their first apartment. Whatever it might be, with the number of different groups coming, you might just find it on May 10th.

We are hosting a giant Tag Sale on Saturday, May 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at VFW Post 2046, 608 East Center Street, Manchester. We have groups coming from Berlin, Enfield and Griswold, and more.

Collectors and antiquers as well as dealers can pour over porcelain, crystal, vintage linens, toys, gold and costume jewelry, silver, electronics, art, household items, books, etc. There is convenient parking at the post and we are hoping you will all come and see us. We are even giving people the opportunity to haggle and get the best deal possible, while still being generous to the homeless animals we all help. All the proceeds go to help each organization take care of their feline and canine charges.

Those of you considering adopting a new pet this spring, are encouraged to talk to the various groups about adoption rather than buying an expensive animal from a pet store. The groups will have pictures of their available dogs and cats and you can fill out an application. If a cat is your goal, May is the start of kitten season and you will have many to choose from. Of course, we hope you will consider adopting an adult or older cat.

Remember, kittens and puppies are so cute and such fun, but an older cat or dog is settled; the personality developed and they tend to be so thankful for that second chance and can offer so much love and loyalty. And should you have questions about cat or dog behaviors, this is the perfect opportunity to find yourself in a room full of experts. So we hope to see all our cat and dog loving readers in Manchester on Saturday, May 10 – RAIN OR SHINE!

Manchester is known as the City of Village Charm,.so after you visit our Yard Sale, please take a drive down the lovely old Main Street. There you will find Antique Malls, and a Flea Market, to complete your day of fun shopping. Manchester is famous as the home of the Cheney Silk Mills, and the many historic Cheney mansions are still there in the south part of town. You can use to get the best route to the VFW and use your favorite search engine to learn more about historic Manchester.

Please come and find treasure and help us continue to help the animals. Hope to see you there!

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