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Norwich Bulletin - 12/21/2008

Christmas Toys For Good Cats and Dogs

It’s the holiday season and Christmas is right around the corner. What better gift can there be for our animal companions than a new cat or dog toy from Rene’s list of this year’s top toys. And to make it even better, this year, all the toys that I am suggesting are made right here in the USA! All of these toys can be found at Here are some of my suggestions:

Meet Ho-Ho-Hairball. This toy gets my vote for the strangest looking new toy, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you see him for the first time. He is made from fuzzy faux fur, organically grown catnip, has a bell and a classic red Santa hat. Ho-Ho-Hairball is made in Montana and sells for $10.00.

Also on this year’s top ten is Kitty Crinkle Cane, also manufactured in Montana, which is made from baby soft fleece and then stuffed with catnip and a crinkle cellophane (non-toxic of course), that should keep your favorite feline purring with satisfaction.

Meet Squeak the mouse! Plump little mice filled with that organic catnip and a choice of colors, Squeak sells for $9.00. This little guy is handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana.

Star Bright is filled with fresh dried premium catnip and wrapped in super soft red mink fabric. It has feathers, ribbons, cotton balls and a little bell to tantalize all of your cat’s senses! Star Bright is machine washable and measures 4 inches – Made in Montana, it sells for $7.50

My absolute favorite Dog toy this year is Rudy – there cannot be a cuter, cuddlier toy being offered this holiday season! Also Montana made, this toy is made from a soft, durable corduroy fabric, with non-toxic poly fill and a squeaker. He has cotton ball eyes, a red cotton ball nose and a silk tail. He is a silly looking reindeer that should entertain your dog on Christmas morning. Rudy sells for $12.50.

Another reindeer toy is USA made Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer that is made to be durable no matter how hard the play. He is made with a special soft and silky fabric, recycled poly fill and that all favorite squeaker. Guaranteed to hold up to rough handling! Ruff-N-Tuff Reindeer is machine washable, 13” tall and sells for $15.90.

Merry Bone is an eye-catching red mink fabric, with the perfect shape to sit comfortably in a dog’s mouth. The safety sewn-in squeaker keeps your dog interested and happy while you enjoy Christmas morning breakfast! Merry Bone sells for $11.90

Another toy that I found adorable this year for my dog Daisy, is the Holiday Hippo Deer, available from They are chubby fat like a hippo with sparkly deer antlers and nose. They are 6 ˝ inches tall and they squeak! The toy requires spot cleaning and you have a choice of red, green or brown. This toy sells for $9.99.

Also available this year from Ty products are the Ty Bow Wow Beanies, especially made for dogs and they come doggy certified safe. We have the Holiday Snowflake Bone Dog Toy, featuring crinkle material and a squeaker; Holiday Blue Seal Dog Toy, Stinky the Skunk, Fox Dog Toy, Mallard Duck, and Inky the Octopus. All Ty toys sell for $6.00 and can be found at

There are so many other toys out there this year – some very expensive and others very affordable. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how many toys you buy, but remember your animal companion during the holidays.

The Knapp family, both human and furred, wish you a blessed and joyous holiday season.

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