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Norwich Bulletin - 9/13/2009

Help Those In Need

It’s time to think about a way to help the animals and humans that need our assistance in these hard economic times, without hurting our own cupboards while doing so. Helping Paws has come up with an inexpensive way to help kids, animals and all of the local folks that need our help, especially with the cold weather just around the corner.

Mysticats, which is our very own cat club, is once again hosting its international cat show, to be sanctioned by The International Cat Association, right here in Norwich, at Kelly Middle School, 25 Mahan Drive. We will be collecting food for the St. Vincent De Paul Food Bank for help. We know there are people who will start themselves in order to be able to fee their beloved pet. So we want to make sure that does not happen this winter. And you can help with just $6.00 because besides the food drive, we are donating $1 of every admission to the Food Bank.

What do you get for your $6 admission fee? Well, let’s start with the cat show. Over two hundred purebred and domestic cats competing for titles and end of the show season regional and international points. Exotic Sphynx and Savannahs as well as the ever popular Maine Coons, Persians, and of course, my own personal favorites, the Abyssinians and the Household Pets. We have twelve judges from all over the United States, from Maine to Texas to California and lots of states in between.

We have vendors! Vendors that offer cat furniture from the inexpensive scratcher to the floor to ceiling cat furniture with lots of nooks and crannies for your favorite felines. Tons of toys starting with the normal, every day, catnip mouse, going to the high end teasers made from pieces of mink. There are tons of mylar and little fake birds and butterflies to drive your kitty bonkers.

And wonderful clothes and products that all have one thing in common – they have cats on them. Jewelry, coats, coasters, wallets, purses, luggage, address books, cups, plates, collectibles, and the list goes on and on. You can find anything for the cat lover at the show. And they are very different products from those that you would find anywhere else – in fact many of what the show offers cannot be found outside a show hall.

We have the instant raffle! There are not too many things that offer instant gratification. We have to wait for the lottery drawings, we have to wait to see where the roulette wheel stops, and we have to wait for most raffles to be drawn. Not our raffle – it’s instantaneous! You pick your own folded papers and whatever number is on that paper is your prize immediately, as soon as you unfold your paper – odds are one winner in four chances. We have some wonderful prizes this year you won’t want to miss.

A special fundraiser for Helping Paws brings to the general public two wonderful authors who will be there to sell and sign their books. Don Loprieno, author of The Stoney Point Whisker Club, and Linda Dixon, author of the children’s book, The Happy Home will be on hand to meet and greet you. I had done reviews on both of these books around the holidays, so if you ended up ordering one on line, bring it by the show and Don and/or Linda will sign it.

The best part of this – besides you getting a great book – is that both authors are donating all of their profits for the weekend to Helping Paws! So we urge you to come to the show and pick up a good book for you or your child (better yet, pick up both of them). It will be a great read for you and a big help to the cats who will need to be cared for this winter.

We have a therapy cat presentation on Saturday. I wrote about the Dillinger Therapy Cat Group last June and we are going to have them as our guests at the show. Find out about therapy cats and if you have a facility that you would like them to visit, come to the show and meet them. Keira Nguyen and her wonderful Bengal cat Dillinger, will be available to answer your questions and give you some time with the cat the group was named after. If you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with a Bengal, this show will give you that chance.

We’ve got food. Good food provided by one of the school’s clubs. And something else that Helping Paws is doing with their proceeds is making a donation to the school club so they can buy some sort of equipment that they would not be able to get otherwise.

We are part of your community and we want to be there for the people and animals that need us. On September 19 and 20, 2009, we will be waiting for you at Kelly Middle School between ten o’clock in the morning until four in the afternoon both days. Admission for adults is $6 and $4 for seniors and kids twelve and under. And everyone’s admission will bring that dollar donation for St Vincent de Paul.

You are welcome to bring your own wonderful household pet cat but you must preregister as this is an official TICA show. Information for new exhibitors can be found at Don’t be shy – you and your cat might enjoy some special time together. If you or your cat are not inclined to be exhibitors, than you can still find spectator information at that same website of call 860-267-0496. We want you to come buy and enjoy yourselves as well as help those who most need it.

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