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Norwich Bulletin - 12/13/2009

Christmas For the Cats and Dogs

People often buy gifts for their family and friends during Christmas and many forget the most important friends of all - our cats and dogs! Christmas is for everyone, and when we buy gifts for everyone on our list, we have to remember that our pets are our best friends.

Christmas gifts for dogs are not that difficult as there is so much to choose from. While some of the little dogs like dressing up in dog clothes, others just like hats. If you have a dog that will feel uncomfortable because of the chilly weather, consider an acrylic dog sweater with or without beaded jewels. Coats, boots and velvet dresses are available too – it just depends on what your dog’s reaction will be to some fancy clothes. The Santa Harness Dog Dress, the Snowflake Shirt for Dogs, and the Christmas Balls Sweater are all available in the $25.00 range and can be ordered through

Almost every dog likes toys. Destined to be the top dog attraction of the season is, “The Ginger bed house dog toy.” This is an interactive toy with different shapes, such as Santa, Reindeers and Snowmen. Also being offered is the Gingerbread Man Plush Dog Toy, selling for $9.00 or The Hanukkah Dog Toy three pack for $24.99. There is the Holiday Hedgehog at $7.50 or, on the expensive side, the Christmas I-Qube Puzzle Plush Dog Toy, priced at $16.00. Don’t forget the all time favorites, such as Frisbees, Kong toys, squeaky toys and balls to fetch.

Apart from the clothes and the toys, there are also Holiday collars, such as the Chrismas Stars Party Collar and the Christmas Tree Party Collar, both for a meer $6.00 each. Beautiful leashes, bowls and treats should be in every stocking.

And don’t forget the dogs who love to sleep. A new dog bed would be a perfect Christmas gift. Make sure you keep the pet’s size in mind when choosing the right bed. There are actually beds that can be adjusted to fit your dog’s height. You want to make sure that the bed is machine washable and the ultra-light weight beds can be taken anywhere very easily.

Whether you shop on line or go to Petco, there are lots of choices and none of them are wrong.

Yes, Christmas is closer than you think. And don’t forget Christmas presents for your cat companions either. Cats can get bored being alone in the house all day, especially if they are single cats. They should have an assortment of toys to satisfy their need to play and to satisfy their natural curiosity. Cats really don’t grow out of playing with toys. We have kittens and 13 year old cats who enjoy interactive toys and catnip.

There are many different types of cat toys available; enough to match the personality and lay preferences of every cat. There are actually ”Cat Packs” which are put together by cat breed! The Abyssinian pack is for the extremely active cat – toys that are geared toward an athletic, confident and energetic cat, while the Persian pack (also called the Couch Potato Cat pack) has special toys for the lazy, undemanding cat.

One of my cats’ favorite toys is the Turbo Scratcher. It is a plastic toy surrounded by a track that holds a ball. The ball is supposedly not able to be removed by the cat. The center of the Turbo Scratcher is a round of corrugated cardboard that you can add catnip to and the cat can use as a scratching pad, which is replaceable. The entire toy, excluding the cardboard of course, is easily washable. The Turbo Track is described as being five toys in one. There are five ways the track can be put together for your cat and you can also buy additional pieces for the track. There are times we have six cats around our turbo toy. It is definitely a must have for any cat household.

The FroliCat BOLT Automatic laser toy automatically created random patterns for your cat to chase. An adjustable mirror aims the laser at floors or walls. You do not have to be there to use it, just set it and go. It will work for 15 minutes on its own. It also has a manual setting so that you can control it while playing with your cat. It works on 4 AA batteries. Or there is the 5 Hologram Laser Pet Toy, featuring five holographic images of a mouse, a star, a happy face, a butterfly, and a regular laser beam. The laser can be viewed up to a mile away.

Also offered is the the Multipet Ba-Da-Beam laser toy which is a simple laser toy that rotates sending the laser beams around the room. Whichever laser toy is right for your cat, it will give both of you hours and hours of entertainment, as well as giving your feline companion cat of yours some extra exercise’

Cats seem to really like toys that allow them to seek and find. It awakens the natural hunter in every cat. So offered this year is the Smart Cat Peek and Play Cat Toy Box. it is made of wood and is easily cleaned and allows you to hide your cat's favorite toys inside the box and let him try to get them out of the 9 holes on top or the 2 holes on each side.

I have to say that the very favorite toy of all time, no matter how young or old the cat, is the little 3 inch long mouse that is furry with catnip. You can actually buy the Rainbow Mice Cheese Wedge which gives you 60 of those intriguing little mice. Most cats love to have a toy mouse to bat around. is like mine and inclined to eat the tails off of toy mice, you might want to clip them first. It is always the favorite of the Abyssinian kittens in our house.

I really great Christmas present is the monthly cat treat delivery program offered through, which allows you to have healthy cat treats sent right to your door each month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

No matter what you buy for your pet this holiday, try to gear it to the individual dog or cat and enjoy the holiday.

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