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Norwich Bulletin - 12/20/2010

Top Ten Toys For Dogs and Cats

Here it is – the list you dog and cat parents have been waiting for! The ten top toys for your feline or canine family members. Let’s start with the cats in David Letterman style:

The number 10 pick is the Petmate Crazy Circle Cat Toy. Made of tough, durable plastic, Crazy Circle has openings through which your cat can attempt to catch the ball inside. $15.23 from;

Number 9 – Panic Mouse. For supervised cat play, Panic Mouse uses computer generation for erratic movement of the wand and lure, and the wand is detachable for interactive play. Larger, stronger cats may break the string attaching the lure so there is also a sturdier spring wand available. $17.99 from;

Number 8 – Laser Pet Toy. Irresistible to all cats but be careful not to shine the beam directly into kitty’s eyes. Also remember that cats will get bored if they never catch their “prey” so alternate the toy with something tangible that they can grab on to. $4.19 from Walmart or rotating battery operated laser beam is $17.99 from

Number 7 – Toy Mice. These are favorites with my cats and I can get sixty of these little guys for $14.99 from, and they come packaged in a neat cardboard “cheese” wedge.

Number 6 – Mylar Balls. Another favorite of my cats. These shiny, crinkly toys provide hours of chasing fun as long as you are willing to keep getting them out from under the refrigerator or bureaus. A Canister of 45 for $12.99 from;

Number 5 – Cat Dancer Cat Charmer. A flexible wand toy with 48” fabric “tail” makes this toy irresistible to cats. Trail the tail along the floor and give it a wiggle or whirl it in the air and watch as your cat tries to catch it. But use this toy only with supervision please - $3.95 from KV Supply;

Number 4 – Cat Dancer. A thirty inch piece of very flexible piano wire with tightly rolled cylinders of paper on the play end. Kitties can give it very rough play. Very affordable but I suggest being cautious of the wire. I have had one of my cats get an eye injured. $2.21 apiece plus shipping at;

Number 3 – Yeowww Catnip Cigars. We have these lying around the house too. The cats compete over the newest ones but the scent lasts a long time and if you thrown them into the dryer for a couple of spins, it fluffs the older ones back up. $3.99 each at;

Number 2 – Peek a Prize Toy Box. The cats love using their natural hunting and stalking instincts with this toy. The thrill of the hunt to find and capture their prey (toys) and get them out of the holes in the box makes for hours of good play. $28.19 at PetCo or


Da Bird. It is the most mentioned commercial toy on cat chat lists and is a very popular choice. The twirling feather action is so realistic, cats go nuts over this “bird.” Just be sure to put it away in a safe place in between play time. $6.29 to $8.29 from PetCo or Foster & Smith.

And now the top ten toy picks for your pooches.

The Number 10 toy choice for the 2010 holiday season is the dog Brick Interactive Dog Toy. An interactive dog puzzle game that lets your dog slide bricks to find hidden treats. The toy is dishwasher safe, anti-slip and a great teaching tool as well as providing fun time. $46.75 at, ebay or;

Number 9 – Plush Puppies Hide a Squirrel. Another entertainment toy that will help develop your dogs intelligence and puzzle solving skills. Just hide the squirrels inside the log over and over again. $8.79 to $9.95 at PetGuys, KV Supply and;

Number 8 – Kong Dog Toy. Made for safe chewing, durable and fun – all sizes. From $4.01 to $11.99 at PetCo and Ace Hardware;

Number 7 – Chuckit! Ball Launcher Dog Toy. This launcher tosses the ball up to three times farther than what you can! The dog has a better run, your arm never tires and you can use a standard tennis ball of the Chuckit Ball, which is sold separately. $9.93 to $11.99 at vitacost, or Cabelas;

Number 6 – Kong Extreme Dog Toy. This one is made for aggressive chewers from ultra strong black rubber and can be stuffed with treats! $10.50 to $14.99 at PetCo and

The number 5 pick is the nylabone nutria dent filet mignon dental chew. A nutritious and highly digestible low fat edible dental chew helps to clean teeth, control tartar and freshen breath. $13.55 to $15.44 at, Foster & Smith or PetCo;

Number 4 – Mutt Mitt Disposable Pick-up Mitt is really for you and not your dog ($24.99 at;

Number 3 – Booda Products Aspen Soft Bite Floppy Disc. Soft floppy disc files and floats and is the gentlest flying disc for your dog, available in different sizes. $7.50 to $21.87 at PetCo, and Whiskers and Friends Online;

Number 2 – Premier Pet Products Squeeze Meeze dog toy – frog. Chewable tough latex exterior with a fun squeaker but recommended only for light chewers. $4.50 at


The Chuckit! Ultra Ball. This is no ordinary ball. It was designed for the most demanding use and is the best possible ball for a good game of fetch. It has a high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility and durability. Use with or without the Dog Toy Launcher. Prices vary from $4.47 to $7.99. Available at PetCo, Cabelas and

Whatever gifts you choose this holiday season; whichever holiday season you celebrate – the Knapp household wishes you a safe and joyous one.

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